"Let this mind be in you, which is also in Christ Jesus."

Travail Brings Birthing

This is the day I have made, rejoice and be glad. Forget the stress of this world. Be at peace in what I am doing in your life. If you are seeking me with your whole heart, then I am here. Yes, I hear your petitions and they are made known unto me. You are my sheep and I hear your voice. What is there in your souls that torment you but he who is defeated? Resist this force and call upon me for all strength, joy and blessings. Be aware of the power that I have endued you with and with my Spirit that fills you. Process and proceed on this course. When there is travail, there is much to be birthed in you. Know that I am orchestrating this to bring a great change in your life.

A life fit for my use.