"Let this mind be in you, which is also in Christ Jesus."

You Women of God

You women of God, because you have searched for me with your whole heart I have heard your cries. I am with you and I have begun a work in you. Do not look to the world system for your peace; it is not there. I am your source for all things; whether it is peace, love, joy, or provision. My bounty is full, my coffers to overflowing. Why do you seek that which is not to be found in the natural?

I will grant you the desires of your heart if you continue to trust my Word. Seek my perfect will; go and be at peace. Know that I am with you. Call upon me and I will hear. Give unto the poor for they will always be with you. My Word is truth. My heart is of a Father’s heart toward you; to love you, protect you, strengthen you for the tasks ahead. There is much work yet to be done for my Kingdom. Go in peace, go in love, call upon me and I will hear.

When I came to earth I felt your pain. I know your hurts for they are deep. You must consider their source. Do not look back; do not put your hand to that plow. There is a new work to be done for my Kingdom. Follow my leading and prompting in your spirit.

You have carried much weight upon your shoulders, but today out of my abundance I give unto you. Out of my abundance I bring my love and anointing to you. Do not turn away for the time is critical. I have promised increase. It will come, as it has already begun in many. Trust me with your whole heart. As hurting people come, you must prepare yourself to be my light. Open your hearts and homes when I prompt you. As I am the only pathway to the Father, so are you the way to me.

Guide them and they will come.