"Let this mind be in you, which is also in Christ Jesus."

I AM all Powerful

Speak those things, my children, that be not as though they were. Let the words of your mouth testify of what you want in the spirit realm. Yes to bring it to pass in this earth realm. Call it forth. You have not because you ask not. If you have a care or need. If you know one who is sick, lonely, or at the end of their emotions. Call forth healing, provision, and peace. I am the provider. Know I have you in my heart. Know I own the cattle of 1000 hills.

Know I am all powerful.


Why do you toss to and fro in this world? Why do you let the stresses of your everyday life bring such turmoil? There has to be a time of total dependence on my leading your life. You must be aware of my Spirit and my power to be at peace. Give over to me those things that so easily beset you. Yes even in the worst of storms peace can be found. Just as I slept in the bow of the boat and my disciples feared for their lives. Did they not realize that my power could calm the sea and bring peace once again? Let this be a reminder, as the storms of life will seem to increase. Only be aware of my presence in each storm that presents itself.

When you reach that place of total intimacy with me will you find peace within the storm.

Travail Brings Birthing

This is the day I have made, rejoice and be glad. Forget the stress of this world. Be at peace in what I am doing in your life. If you are seeking me with your whole heart, then I am here. Yes, I hear your petitions and they are made known unto me. You are my sheep and I hear your voice. What is there in your souls that torment you but he who is defeated? Resist this force and call upon me for all strength, joy and blessings. Be aware of the power that I have endued you with and with my Spirit that fills you. Process and proceed on this course. When there is travail, there is much to be birthed in you. Know that I am orchestrating this to bring a great change in your life.

A life fit for my use.

Stay the Course

Be ever thankful, my children, of your blessings. Praise the one that has provided all your needs and above your needs. I am more than enough. As you walk in my presence and within my will, I will answer and show you great things that you’ve never seen. Walk forth in my anointing. Stand in awe of what I can do in you. Be ever open to move within my perfect will but be vigilant as satan seeks who he may devour.

Map your plans and set your goals. Stay the course.

Let Peace Abound

Come unto me if you are weary. I will give peace and rest. Call upon me and I will show you great things. Let me bring to pass your desires. Let me give you the blessings of Abraham that was promised. Those blessings did not cease with Isaac or Jacob. They are promises for all my children. Walk in radical faith during these last days. Do not allow the evil one to steal, kill and destroy. Submit to me and he must flee. Choose this day to walk my path, to seek my will, and to be obedient once again.

I will hear your prayers and answer you. Let peace abound and my word heal your wounds.

Be About the Father’s Business

Now my children is the time of the end. The end times are on your lips. You are looking to the heavens for the great rapture to take place. Do not look up for you are to be about my Father’s work. Loving the unlovable. Feeding the poor. Caring for the dying. Your redemption is near but do not count the days. Again, I want to find you about my Father’s business.

What have you been prompted to begin? Where have you been led to go? Why the hesitation? You will find yourself lagging behind this great time of harvest. Press toward the mark; head toward that goal. I have a plan and it will not be accomplished by your slothfulness. Allow my spirit to energize you.

Come Up Higher

I am here for all my children. I will now impart in this first writing a steadfast word for this season. The timing is right; the doors have been unlocked. Open your purse strings to receive – open your heart to begin to receive this wisdom from me. This will be unlike other prophetic anointings. I will speak swiftly and will not mince my words. This servant has shown that she will declare what I have said. Yes it is a decree; it is a proclamation.

Now is the time for the next level of intimacy. Open your lives to this leading. There is no other way to feel this anointing and to be sensitive to my spirit. If you want to move higher and closer then I will know. I will sense your desire to draw even closer than you have before. You will feel the divine drawing and submit to my call. Yes the call for this greater anointing for all my children. Be ready to walk in it. Be willing to show forth your willingness to obey my word. There is peace there. There is wisdom there.

If you draw near to me, I will surely draw near to you.