"Let this mind be in you, which is also in Christ Jesus."

Be About the Father’s Business

Now my children is the time of the end. The end times are on your lips. You are looking to the heavens for the great rapture to take place. Do not look up for you are to be about my Father’s work. Loving the unlovable. Feeding the poor. Caring for the dying. Your redemption is near but do not count the days. Again, I want to find you about my Father’s business.

What have you been prompted to begin? Where have you been led to go? Why the hesitation? You will find yourself lagging behind this great time of harvest. Press toward the mark; head toward that goal. I have a plan and it will not be accomplished by your slothfulness. Allow my spirit to energize you.

Come Up Higher

I am here for all my children. I will now impart in this first writing a steadfast word for this season. The timing is right; the doors have been unlocked. Open your purse strings to receive – open your heart to begin to receive this wisdom from me. This will be unlike other prophetic anointings. I will speak swiftly and will not mince my words. This servant has shown that she will declare what I have said. Yes it is a decree; it is a proclamation.

Now is the time for the next level of intimacy. Open your lives to this leading. There is no other way to feel this anointing and to be sensitive to my spirit. If you want to move higher and closer then I will know. I will sense your desire to draw even closer than you have before. You will feel the divine drawing and submit to my call. Yes the call for this greater anointing for all my children. Be ready to walk in it. Be willing to show forth your willingness to obey my word. There is peace there. There is wisdom there.

If you draw near to me, I will surely draw near to you.